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Since the formation of our company, we are known for our service concerning lubricants at highest level: This implies a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet, lean processes as well as a flexible product management. Our large product portfolio with focus on lubricants is supplemented by additives, maintenance products and AdBlue®. oilfino is your partner for individual concepts with finest lubricants. Due to own filling plants and a high storage capacity of up to 2,000,000 litres, oilfino is able to supply merchants and customers with the desired amount of material at any time. Being distribution partner of the brand ‘Total Deutschland’, we can provide the entire range of ‘Total’ lubricants. Moreover, we offer extensive training courses for all fields of lubricant engineering (industry, GEO, food and automotive) in cooperation with Lubes Academy.

We are looking forward to your approach!

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2019 Strategic Positioning

  • outsourcing of the business concerning fuel oil and diesel to ‘team energie GmbH & Co. KG’, continuing the business in the existing stores
  • extension of vehicle fleet by means of another distribution truck and extension of storage space in order to manage the growth
  • refresh of logo and design of the brand ‘oilfino’
  • extension of activities related to export
  • further actions in order to cope with the growth

2017 Change of Ownership

  • team AG becomes owner of the company, which henceforth operates as a fully-owned subsidiary and is entitled ‘oilfino Mineralöl GmbH’
  • extension of storage space by means of enlargement of the existing warehouse
  • extension of filling plants for small casks
  • further actions in order to cope with the growth

2016 Extension of Vehicle Fleet

  • new acquisition of a lubricant tank trailer with semi-trailer tractor in order to meet the growing demand

2015 Modernization of Vehicle Fleet

  • henceforth, only vehicles with Euro-VI-badge in use

2010 Move to Prisdorf

  • formation of the brand ‘oilfino’
  • sixfold increase of storage capacities
  • fourfold increase of office space
  • further actions in order to cope with the growth

2000 New Strategic Orientation

  • new partners
  • new brands
  • new quality

1995 Change of Ownership

  • Carsten von Haw takes over the management
  • extension of product range by means of fuels and lubricants

1947 Formation of the Company by Carl Harms

  • head office in Pinneberg near Hamburg
  • at first, only distribution of fuel oil